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Truthfully, I can't imagine anything your office could improve upon. You make going to the dentist a pleasure! Take it from a person who had a deep phobia of dentists, Dr. Kvitko and his staff are Superb!! Thanks for giving me back my smile!!

- Peggy

Everyone was very friendly. I'm kind of afraid of going to the dentist, but they made me feel safe.

- Anonymous

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me this week. After having horribly painful experiences with an incredibly condescending dental provider almost 6 years ago, I allowed several of my teeth to decay and even break, because that pain was less than what I was subjected to by my former dentist. Once, I was even refused a painkiller because "we're here to fix teeth, not create drug dependency." My jaw was so swollen from a wisdom tooth that I could not even use a straw, but [my former dentist] insisted on painfully shoving e-ray film in my mouth, causing excruciating pain and bleeding. And finally, he told me the only way I would get pain medication was if I allowed him to pull the tooth immediately. I was completely alone at this point in time--no friends or family in the office with me.

Last week, I discovered an abscess above one of my broken teeth, and when it hadn't gone away after several days, I knew it was time. I live in Clintonville, and had often seen your sign advertising "comfortable dentistry." I took a deep breath and stopped in.

Everyone, from the receptionist, to the hygienist to Dr. Hadi, was incredible. You arranged to see me immediately, listened with care to my concerns, did not berate me for neglecting my dental care, and helped me make peace with almost immediate extractions. The news that you would work to save the majority of my teeth that were in good condition was uplifting and reassuring.

And finally, the extractions: I'm not going to lie, the past 24 hours haven't been comfortable, but they were nothing like the pain I experienced at the hands of my former dentist. I was offered a hand to hold during my IV sedation, promised that work would stop if I felt any pain, and that things would be over "before I knew it." No one seemed bothered or perturbed by my ceaseless questions about the procedure, and even my finance said the staff was wonderful to him when he came to pick me up.

Dr. Kvitko, Dr. Hadi, and all staff: I just can't say thank you enough. In spite of being a bit bloody and swollen, my six year old fear of the dentist is gone, and I am actually eager to continue the process of getting back to completely healthy teeth and gums. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!

- Starshine E. Candoff

Fantastic staff!

- Kris L

Enjoyed my visit and would like to say thank/you to all the staff, for there kindness and look forward to my next visit.

- Larry S

Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and welcoming. The exam rooms are very clean and high-tech: you can even watch TV while work is being done. The exam was very thorough, including taking both x-rays and pictures of the teeth that they showed me, and the staff did a great job of explaining each step they were doing. I'm planning to make this my regular dentist office.

- Beth Griese

High marks to Kimberly. She's a wonderful Hygienist.

- Donna B

As usual, Kimberly was as professional and sweet as ever and Dr. Don was fabulous

- Damian M

I have never enjoyed going to the dentist and have had a hard time finding a dentist that I truly liked.  Coming here is great.  Everyone is friendly and they never looked down on you for what was wrong pr what needed to be done. Thank you all so much.

- Tara

My dental technician did a great job; I'm sorry but I cannot remember her name but she has been with Dr. Kvitko for a long time. Also, I feel that the doctor had extensive knowledge with the given procedure and I knew that I was in good hands. Overall it was a great experience and I had no worries or reservations.

- Patty C.


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