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Epigenetic Orthodontics

Epigenetic Orthodontics

Epigenetic orthodontics is dramatic new approach to orthodontics. With this method, teeth are straightened and jaws are developed without the use of traditional brackets and wires. Nothing is attached to the teeth. The Epigenetic appliance, (known as the DNA appliance which stands for Day Night Appliance), is a removable appliance that is only worn while at home and while sleeping. It is not necessary to wear it during the day while at work or school, and in fact, it shouldn't be worn during those times.

The principle by which epigenetic orthodontics work is to unlock the body's own DNA which then allows it to achieve optimal biomodeling of bone. As the bones of the face and jaws are stimulated to grow into their pre determined shapes and positions taking the teeth with them. This creates a fully proportioned face with straight teeth, and a beautiful smile.

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