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Dr. Kvitko & Associates - Blog

Dr. Kvitko & Associates - Blog


What do your teeth say about you?

The smile and teeth are almost the first image and the factor by which we build an opinion about a particular person. It is the first impression. People with beautiful and healthy teeth are generally more confident, more open, and they give us a feeling of trust and honesty. It is a fact that we’ll rather communicate with such persons and even feel very comfortable around them. And of course, we are not talking about the aesthetic aspect only. The aesthetic aspect is there in any case if the teeth themselves are healthy.

What do they say about us?

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Tooth Troublers

Your teeth undergo constant bombardment every single day. This is why visiting your dentist regularly is essential to long term health. Some things can be worse than others, but you can help protect your teeth from decay, rot, plaque, and stains. The things you eat and the things you drink have an impact on your teeth over time. Here are some troublemakers when it comes to your teeth.


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5 Tips to Brush Your Teeth More Effectively

Brushing your teeth is likely part of your every day routine, but how well do you brush your teeth? There are things people often do or don’t do when they brush their teeth that could be making brushing less effective.

If you want to know that you’re getting the best cleaning between your dentist visits, these 5 tips will guarantee cleaner, more healthy teeth:

1. Brush after meals. You probably brush at least once a day, more likely twice. While that’s the minimum recommended, you are actually much better off if you brush after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Brushing three times a day is the best way to keep your teeth clean.

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Study Suggests Drinking Milk After Breakfast Reduces Plaque Build-Up

What do you normally have for breakfast? What do your children normally have? For a lot of people, adults and children alike, breakfast cereal is still a staple go-to for your favorite morning meal. 

However, it’s not without its drawbacks—many breakfast cereals, even those marked as “healthy,” tend to contain a large amount of sugar. This can wreak havoc on your teeth and increase your dental care issues.

One recent study showed a promising trend, though: participants were asked to eat dry, sugary breakfast cereal. The plaque build-up on their teeth was measured, then they were asked to repeat the experiment.

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The Amazing History of the Toothbrush

The toothbrush, as weird as it may sound, was originally designed by using a frayed twig to brush the teeth. Back in 3000 BC, Egyptians and Babylonians didn't have the toothbrushes rolling off the factory lines like we do today. In fact, they had no dentists to maintain their teeth like today's world provides. Then around 1600 BC, the Chinese developed what was known as chewing sticks, which had aromatic characteristics in the twigs for freshening breathe.

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